Vanessa Turner



Painting, Drawing, Illustrations

Creative Support

Business Development

What do you do in your creative field?

Vanessa Turner is a Bermudian 'Creativity Coach' and Artist whose chosen mediums include pastel and charcoal.

What year did you start creating?

I have been creating for as long as I can remember, back to the days of crayons & mom's 2019 white walls (my very first canvas).

What influences your work? What makes it unique?

I believe art transforms and personalizes the spaces in which we spend our time. My work is created to empower you, nurture you and evolve your space.

Anything Else?

I am intrigued by the beauty found within diversity. Recognising that many have been marginalized in fine art, and with influence from the Afro-Caribbean culture, my portrait work serves to empower, nurture and evolve space. Inspired by nature, and by remaining highly sensitive to the subtleties of light and shadow, I also create dramatic nuances and intimate reflections of our the natural world.