Kayuntae, THE HEALER

" The Healer "



Poetry, Non-Fiction


Painting, Drawing, Illustrations, Sculpture, Murals, Digital, Printmaking, Mixed Media, Photographer, Film


Spoken Word, Model


Culinary Arts, Health & Beauty, Hand-crafted Customization & Stationary


Percussion, Band

Creative Support

Marketing/PR, Cultural Organization, Business Development, Creative Group, Art Gallery

Folk and Traditional

Kite Builder

What do you do in your creative field?

I am a multidimensional creative that writes stories / poetry, and produces visual art (painting, sketching, oil pastel, gouache, and more).

What year did you start creating?

I started creating as early as 2000, in terms of creating professionally, I started in 2021.

What influences your work? What makes it unique?

My inner child (Lil KK) is the main influence to my work. Work that I create is typically from her POV, and that is what makes it unique.

Anything Else?

I’m based in Bermuda, and while I don’t have a lot of professional achievements under my belt yet, I have a great bit of experience working closely and professionally with a group of other artists. I have taught an art class for my old job at the dept of youth and sport, I’ve shown my work in the BSOA, and I’ve just recently sold my first collection of NFT’s. My art style is very experimental and fluid.