Rory Wilson

" Actor and Filmmaker (writer/director) currently working in the UK. "



Digital, Film



What do you do in your creative field?

Actor for TV/Film/Theatre & Writer/Director of self-produced short films.

What year did you start creating?

Trained as an actor at LSDA (London School of Dramatic Art) in 2013/14 and have been working in the industry & producing short films since then.

What influences your work? What makes it unique?

I am inspired by true stories and use forced perspective to create insight into a person's experience, to put the audience in someone else's shoes.

Anything Else?

I am a self-taught filmmaker and have made six short films which have been screened and won awards at film festivals. Most recently, my short film 'Loco' won Best Film at the London BFI Future Film Festival 2021. My aim is to eventually work on feature length films.