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What do you do in your creative field?

I am the Founding Director and Choreographer of PHCMDC. I created a PHCMDC Management team to assist in the administration of the group, as well as a PHCMDC Leader Team who assists in the choreography and teaching of routines to all members. I am involved in every aspect of the group, which also includes designing the yearly uniforms and rehearsal attire, while ensuring everyone has the appropriate training for the lengthy performances and special appearances we are asked to do yearly. I also perform with the group in all the major parades and I have taken the group abroad for training opportunities and performances in the US within our almost 20 years of existence.

What year did you start creating?

I began learning how to twirl in the year 1990, when I decided to join the Warwick United Majorettes. I caught on quickly to what was required and soon earned my way up to becoming a leader of that group which allowed me to assist in creating routines and teaching those routines to members of the group. In 2001 my mother and I departed the Warwick United Majorettes and decided to join forces with Pembroke Hamilton Club to form the Pembroke Hamilton Club Majorettes & Drum Corps (PHCMDC) in 2002.

What influences your work? What makes it unique?

The main influence on my work is the passion I have for the art and being able to share my talent while giving back to the community in teaching and performing the art of the twirling. We have the percussion of drummers that drive our movement, that keeps us in the traditional style of being a Majorette & Drum Corps. The style of twirling or the group is that of a professional level including baton tricks, high leg lifts, and tasteful attire that accentuates the beauty of our performance. The other influence is those members who share the same passion and want to continue to perform and evolve in the tradition. The eagerness of those who want to learn and keep the tradition alive is what influences me to continue doing what I can to keep the tradition alive.

Anything Else?

As a Registered Charity under the arm of the PHC Foundation, we look forward to resuming our Future Leaders Programme which grooms members to become not only future Leaders of PHCMDC but also our community and country. Being a part of PHCMDC, members have the opportunity to apply for the PHC Foundation Scholarship to assist in furthering their educational career locally or overseas. With the Future Leaders Programme, we are able to track their progress and mentor the members in areas that will shape them into being a good, educated leader and of course take advantage of the opportunity for a scholarship. We are also instrumental in fundraising activities, which is how we fund the operations of the organization, while also assisting our members in paying for their uniforms and other expenses incurred in operating each year. Fundraising activities consist of Car washes, Walkathons, Fashion/Talent Shows ,Bake Sales, and many others we have done over the years. Due to the Pandemic, we haven't been able to fundraise, but we have had the support from the Department of Culture in providing financial support for when we are ready and able to resume operations.