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" Upcoming Rapper Aspiring to become Internationally known Artist. Touring the world introducing my music and brand. Recently under professional constr. "



Poetry, Fiction


Mixed Media, Photographer


Spoken Word, Dancer, Choreographer, Emcee/Host, Model


Costumer/Stylist, Graphic Design


Vocalist, Lyricist

Creative Support

Business Development, Creative Group, Art Gallery


Fashion Design

What do you do in your creative field?

I perform live in overseas territories at concerts, events, clubs, parties and venues. I also do videography and photoshoots...Affiliated with Industr

What year did you start creating?

I started creating officially released music and my actual music career this year 2019. Nonetheless ive been writing music since 2014 or before.

What influences your work? What makes it unique?

Many things influence my work such as travel, a difficult upbringing, relationships, things that i enjoy doing and observe, my life inspires my music.

Anything Else?

Highlights of my Music Career have been:rnTouring The NEW YORK TRI STATE and other parts of Central and Northern America.rnConnecting with important individuals within the MUSIC INDUSTRY ITSELFrnCurrently Consulted by Roc Nation / KRYPTON PRODUCTIONS A&R rnCurrently co- managed by JHONNY VIERIA ( founder of tribefluence) rnReposted by LOVE n HIP HOPS JAQUAErnCurrently in the planning stages of tour 2020