Diane Maughan


Painting, Murals, Printmaking, Mixed Media

What do you do in your creative field?

Fabric Designer, Freelance Artist, Painter, Muralist, works in all medias/surfaces and depicts all manners of things. I am also an award winning artist with awards from UK, USA AND BERMUDA

What year did you start creating?

I started creating at aged 11 after winning a school competition. I got the bug and never stopped!

What influences your work? What makes it unique?

Nature and the love of expression, I am fascinated by the colour, shapes and sizes of things. Nature is a huge instigator for me.

Anything Else?

Came to the island in 1969. Married to a Bermudian. Was a fashion show producer, model trainer and trained Gina Swainson for her Miss World win in 1979. Being in that world got me into fabric design and later my further explorations in art.