Dale Butler

" Educator, historian, author, poet, researcher, playwright, documentarian, festivals expert , oral historian, filmmaker and Fishcake King of Bermuda. "



Poetry, Non-Fiction



What do you do in your creative field?

Organize and produce. Example : In Juen 2021 opened The Heartbeat Cultural Centre at 35 Angle Street . Lots going on here.

What year did you start creating?


What influences your work? What makes it unique?

Originality. Eg Plays: The Second Last Supper; Sinnerman Death in One Colour; Pickles and Spiced Ham and more. Published 1st book of women's writings

Anything Else?

Festivals: The Rubber Tree Festival; The Bermuda Triangle Cultural Festival; The Deep Bay Music Festival ; The Annual Fishcake Festival, The Darn D Road Music Celebration Festival, The Music Wall of Fame, The Music Steps to HeavenrnOriginal Books like Nicknames, On this Island the Natives, The History of Wooden Houses. Films: Chilled and Shaken: The Closing of Hubies; the first film on the homeless: Out among the Ins and more. Originated: "The Crystal Butterfly Literary Awards (Women) & more