Adrienne Smatt

" Creating personalized items from pure, hand-crafted goodness. "



Painting, Drawing, Illustrations, Murals


Woodcraft, Fashion Design, Hand-crafted Customization & Stationary

What do you do in your creative field?

Calligraphy and lettering, illustration, sign work, custom clothing.

What year did you start creating?

I have been doing calligraphy since 2016 as a side job, and in April of 2019 made it my full time job!

What influences your work? What makes it unique?

I love lettering. I have been obsessed with it since I was little. My Bachelors of Fine Art gives me a great foundation to work from.

Anything Else?

I'm a one woman mobile show. I go where I'm needed. My focus is making your special event or day or business that much brighter because of what I've created. I want it as perfect as I can make it so you can be as happy as possible.