Welcome to Creatives.bm!

Creatives.bm is a catalogue of Bermuda’s artists, writers, performers, musicians and more, both on island and overseas. The idea of the catalogue is that it will act as a hub where Bermuda’s creatives can be contacted in a single online platform. It’s a place where their social media, examples of their work and contact information will be available for people to contact and hire them directly. So, if you ever needed someone to play at a function, host an event, do a painting, design something – Creatives.bm is the place to go.

If you’re a creative looking to get onto the site, click ‘Create Profile’ and start from there. If you’re looking for creatives to hire, then feel free to browse around the site under the ‘Profiles’ tab and see who’s already registered.

We hope that Creatives.bm will be a useful resource for Bermudians looking to hire and commission Bermudian talent. This service is being offered for free by the Department of Culture. Feel free to give our Facebook Page, Instagram and Twitter account a look too, or reach out to us by email at bermudaculture@gmail.com

We hope you enjoy!

-The Department of Culture Team